Ryan Hardee DV4-1220US System Reflow Repair on CND9042Z86

James Howell
7472 Nashville Street
Ringgold, GA 30736


This email will serve as an update on the status and repair of your systems sent in.

Currently I have listed the following machines sent in for repair by you:

HP DV4-1220US with the serialization of CND9042Z86

As agreed your system is billed at $125.00 per system.

Now, with the HP DV4-1220US with the serialization of CND9042Z86 has been reflowed. The system board was labeled HP SPS 511858-001. The system reflowed on both the AMD Radeon IGP 0840 chipset.

After the reflow of the chipset, we noticed your system was not working correctly. We ran our diagnostics software on the system and found it came back with the following error. Your processor was found to be failed and damaged. The processor was exchanged, and found the new processor caused the system to display a repaired system.

Please keep in mind you need to reapply thermal compound such as Artic Silver 5. You also need to update the video drivers from Nvidia.com and the BIOS from HP if one is to be applied. Please advise your end user to purchase a cooling pad to help insure the removal of heat from the system.

If you need more help in explaining these areas to your end user, please visit http://www.doubleclickittofixit.com/tips.html

Pictures of the repair can be viewed at http://www.doubleclickittofixit.com/img

The system repair can be found here along with the explanation of how we repair systems in our shop and what we do to process the repair. The HP DV4-1220US video displays our system, repair processes, and what settings we use with our IR system to reflow your system.