I have stated time and time again to my users why I do not use copper shims. This is a prime, grade A example of what can, will, and does happen with shims.

This laptop came in from an owner whom sent their laptop from Australia. This copper shim was placed on his system from a laptop repair center from the United States that he used off of eBay. I am not naming names of the offending company, but I will post the pictures.

DO NOT USE COPPER SHIMS! As the pictures display, this copper shim chipped the video chipset.

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  • Alex Wales

    I’m an upcoming computer engineer, many people around has been having VGA card problem for the following notebooks HP Pavilon DV2000, DV6000 & DV9000 which causes the screen to go blank. I had used heating machine to heat some VGA card on motherboards it come up and work perfectly but to some they still fail to work. Is it possible to remove and replace the VGA card on motherboard or what tools do i need to do the replacement? With all due respect, enlight me as i want to learn from you. Thank you.

    • doubleclick

      It is possible to remove the chip and replace it.