I have stated time and time again to my users why I do not use copper shims. This is a prime, grade A example of what can, will, and does happen with copper shims.

This laptop came in from an owner whom brought their laptop to me from Dalton, Georgia. A copper shim was placed on his system from a laptop repair center from the United States that he used off of eBay. I am not naming names of the offending company, but I will post the pictures.

DO NOT USE COPPER SHIMS! As the pictures display, this copper shim damaged the system. In previous examples the system displayed a damaged and cracked chipset. This system displayed a overloaded capacitor issue. This happens when the power coming in the system is modified due to the chipset not failing due to the copper shim. In short, the copper shim does not let the chipset overhead or fail then the power just amps up and causes a system failure.

This failure occured within the MosFET area labeled AO4407 and a three capacitor cluster. This failure is unrepairable due to the planing within the layers in the motherboard.

If you need your laptop fixed, check this link: http://doubleclickittofixit.com/pricing/laptop-bga-reflow/