William Cochrane Apple iMac G5 20″ Capacitor Replacement Service on W8443496PNZ

James Howell
954 Sagamore Drive
Tunnel Hill, GA 30755


This email will serve as an update on the status and repair of your systems sent in.

Currently I have listed the following machines sent in for repair by you:

iMac G5 with the serialization of W8443496PNZ

As agreed your system is billed at $125.00 per system.

Now, with the iMac G5 with the serialization of W8443496PNZ has been repaired and is ready for return. The system board is labeled 820-1540-A.

The system board did not work upon arrival. The system displayed damaged capacitors. The capacitors were all changed, all 1800uf 6.3v and 1000uf 16v. The capacitors were checked, and found to be not damaged in the power supply. The power supply was labeled 614-0296.

Upon rebuild, your system displayed proper booting, and requires no other work.

If you need more help in explaining these areas to your end user, please visit http://www.doubleclickittofixit.com/helpful-tips/

Pictures of the repair can be viewed at http://www.doubleclickittofixit.com/img

If you are a do-it-yourself repairer, below is a list and option to buy the parts used to repair this system through us.