This does not equal that.

I have found out over the past few weeks that local repair shops have been selling users one thing and delivering yet another.

I have seen this as a policy held by such shops as Leaping Liz’s, which seems to be a premium quality repair facility located in Dalton, GA, and The Computer Guys.

THIS PICTURE ABOVE DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE RECEIVED RAM. I am seeing too many users bringing me systems and calling me out to check systems that run slow after being worked on and upgraded that have never been upgraded. If you have a system that you have taken elsewhere and received a receipt saying you received RAM upgrades and were billed $50.00 for virtual memory you have paid for nothing.

Keep in mind virtual memory is not physical RAM or memory. If you are billed for a memory upgrade and get virtual memory that is, in my opinion, border line theft. To better explain it, virtual memory is not RAM but your operating system’s page file that copies running information from the physical memory to the hard drive and vice versa as programs are maximized and minimized and are clicked on or ran.

I have personally worked on a system last week that a user brought to me that was custom built by Morrison’s Computers that he had taken to Leaping Liz’s for a virus repair. The receipt stated he had been upgraded with 1.5GB of RAM. Upon opening his system up his desktop had the memory from Morrison’s original build in it, but his VIRTUAL MEMORY stated 1524MB of virtual memory. He had paid $50.00 for that upgrade.

As a consumer you have the right to a second opinion. If you have questions feel free to call me or email me. Both are free. I can be reached at 706-307-9689 or emailed here


  1. hello im hoping you can help me i have a dvd 6000 hp pavilion laptop to cut a long story short it was working fine but now when i go to turn it on you can hear it trying to boot up then it turns its self off iv tried the taken the battery out holding down on the power button then plugging the adapter in and putting the battery in but that anint working also the blue light dont come on so i can be wireless do you have any ideas what the problem is and do you think you can fix it for me as i really cant afford to go and buy enough one if you can how much will it cost thanks for your time

    • doubleclick says:

      To me it sounds like a reflow which is what these systems take regularly. I can fix it.

  2. My dv9000 say chargiong but is not charging the battery. i get a constant blinking light charge light. battery is good and the charger is good. can you fix it?