Website Design

At Doubleclickittofixit, I have decided to start a new division that focuses on small businesses and their needs on the internet.

As a repair outfit, I do a number of desktop, laptop, and television repair services that are sent to me by mail. The newest service I am offering deals with contracted services for businesses including website design, logo design, marketing, strategies, and all other online endeavors.  Our website model is based mainly on the WordPress platform which allows us both ease of use after development, and customization by the user to fit every need a business can ask for in a package.

The premise is very simple. As a contracted service you would receive the level of support you would associate with a full scale IT department without the overhead for your business.  We take your ideas mold them into a website, which is developed for you, built for your needs specifically.  We offer training, support, and assistance during and after the development phase.   Directly said, we listen to you and build what you feel is the dream for your design and how you see it.


What if my need is not listed?

As an electronics technician, laptops and desktops are not the only items I work on. If you have a specific need that is not isted above, please feel free to email me at or call 706-307-9689.