Can your local laptop or computer shop fix that?

As a computer repair shop we see a number of damaged computer-related electronics pass through our door daily, but we also see a number of strictly electronic items from time to time. For example we had a gentleman in our local town bring us a solar panel that had a damaged crystal oscillator, if you need an explanation this will help here:, that we tested, changed, and repaired his unit.

To the point, we are not just an average break fix computer company. We are not just a degree holding computer repair facility. We are not just a reflow and reballing facility. We are an electronics company.

We fix TVs. We fix amplifiers. We fix stereos. We fix laptops. We fix desktops. We fix TCUs. We fix printers. We fix battery chargers. We fix about anything that can be soldered or tested with a scope, multimeter, or continuity tester.

We use only Hakko-branded equipment for our fine pitch soldering. We have all Fluke-branded electrical test equipment.

Below is an example of a system that was sent to a Florida-based repair facility off of eBay who could not fix the unit. Their solution was to replace the motherboard. For all their soldering knowledge, testing equipment, and time they only could suggest a motherboard replacement.

In the picture above the mosFET,, was damaged due to a short overloading one of the gates. This simple solder work can only be performed by hand, with the right equipment, and with the correct knowledge.

After the pick and place parts repair was performed we had a fully working and functional machine for our client in less than 24 hours.

Now can your computer shop do this for you? If not, then we are willing to offer you a deal to try our service out in the state of Georgia.

Write me at one of the contacts below and I will make sure to make it worth your time: